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Wrath of Vengeance of Stormrage
Wrath of Vengeance is a casual raiding guild. For more information, you can post on our forums, or you can PST Fezzik or Sykotíc alt+0237 in game.
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Wrathbowl 2 - Season is about to start
08/04/2013 03:40 PM by Fezzik

Mr. Flow (Phelshot) was crowned the first Wrathbowl Champion. Can he repeat or will the pressure get to him.

How this works in a nutshell... 5000g entry fee. Standard fantasy football rules. Check out the post in the forums from last year for some more details. We will try to have at least 10 teams and 12 if possible. I'm not sure how many we will lose as I think Tacocats and Larry are likely to drop. I will be spamming guild message and vent to get more people. If you know of anyone who would be interesting let me know or tell them to shoot ya their e-mail so we can get them signed up.

I will be making a new post in the member section of the forums, so please post any questions you have there. Its more for fun then extremely hardcore. I believe most teams had a shot at the playoffs going into the last 2 games. So give it a shot and if you have trouble farming the 5k gold let me know.


Moved to Stormrage
05/03/2013 07:24 PM by Sykotic
Hi guys, the guild has recently moved over to Stormrage PVE realm. This will certainly be a good move for the guild to help replenish our numbers and get back to raiding like the days of old. So if any that hasn't moved can still contact me Sykotíc alt+0237 or contact Fezzik for more information.


PvP and other news
04/01/2013 03:08 PM by Fezzik

Check out this video Gunsin made of some kills in 2v2 arena.


Speaking of PvP Gunsin would like to start getting some teams together. Give him or Fezzik a in game mail or message if you would like to be considered. If your new to pvp we can get you headed in the right direction.

Also please check out the post below. Its been almost 2 weeks and no one has responded to the BiS gear list. If you are serious about raiding then please take the time to fill it out. It took me 4 minutes to do it. We are going to be recruiting to fill the ranks a bit as we have been having some trouble with getting 10 people on for raid on Thur and Sat. I really would like to go for 3 days but just dont see that happening when we can't fill 2. So hopefully here soon we can look into that again.

Thanks and hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!


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PvP and other news

04/01/2013 03:08 PM

Rare mob map

03/06/2013 01:10 PM

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